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Flippers are flopping.

Flippers are flopping.

A definition of a house flip is a purchase that was made, a fix up was completed, and sold within one year. You talk to any local flipper in Winnipeg and you will quickly realize that they are having a difficult time out there. Why is that? Why are their properties not selling for the money they are asking and within their deadlines? It’s simple, short term is inferior to long term in the world of real estate. I posted a video in which I taught the importance the real estate seasons play. When a flipper buys a property and then sells it, they tend to rush that process. They are trying to work fast because time is expensive to them. When a derelict house is purchased by a flipper, the problems that matter with the house are ignored. Wet basements, water in walls, rotten roofs, old electrical and plumbing, all those things take time and cost money. In the eyes of a flipper, those things are not important to a buyer because they believe buyers are dumb. They believe that buyers are naive and unable to assess a house’s bones and systems.

Let’s say a buyer buys a property in the best season for buying, the dead cold of winter, December to February. Flippers like a low entry price. That means the lot sizes are small and and the locations are poor today. They then work on fixing up the property quickly. That means cosmetics take priority not function because of time. So the house gets a lipstick job, new counters, particle board cheap cupboards, laminate floors, and let’s not forget, the modern staging job with furniture and bits and pieces. So now it’s June, they have exceeded their deadline and have missed entirely the peak selling season of February to Beginning of April. That season will not come back till next year and alas their house is up and it’s not selling.

Banks do not like flippers because they don’t make them enough money. Banks charge interest that is compounded semi-annually and they have no interest in helping flippers in the short term. Flippers often seek the help of expensive private lenders and the slippery slope continues. Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because flipping houses is not an investment and neither is it profitable in the long term. Today especially because we are in an oversupplied real estate market in Winnipeg.

I am advising you to do what I do and a few select of unconventional people are doing. See beyond today, look far down, decades from now. Ask yourself, in 40 years from now will the purchases I’m going to make work out the best for me? Will I make the right moves to optimize my gains? Will I succeed in doing what others are not? Will I do things differently than the average person? Will I contribute to my economy and help establish better communities and housing for people? When you think long term you don’t think about cutting corners or cheating time itself. You can be in a place where your properties pay for themselves. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s not complicated. It takes discipline, hardwork, resilience, and purpose. Contact me a 204-228-0588 and I can show you how to get started.

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Folklorama 2016

I have fond memories growing up attending Folklorama with my family. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the various cultures in our city and to experience little bits in an evening. Enjoy the food, entertainment, and wares at each pavilion. Folklorama is a Winnipeg only production and must be experienced by everyone. It’s affordable and great for all ages.

My wife and I attended the Japan pavilion last week. I recommend this pavilion on many levels. I am a foodie and the food was good. We enjoyed watching judo, dance, taika, and flower arranging.

See the photos and links below.

Winnnipeg’s own Hinode Taiko.

Flower arranging.

Yours truly.

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298 Lindsay Street SOLD!



Congratulations to M on the sale of your house, 298 Lindsay Street!

I successfully created a win win deal for both the seller and the buyer. The house had a week long conditionally sold status and during that time I did what I do best. Nobody was swindled, everyone is happy.

Who do you know who is looking at doing something with real estate? Connect with me 204-228-0588.

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6571 Rannock Ave SOLD!


Congratulations to C on the purchase of your first house, 6571 Rannock Ave!

My friend C bought this fabulous Charleswood bungalow and his deal is now final and his conditions have been satisfied. His move-in countdown has begun. He has good ingredients going into his new house:
1.) Listing Realtor priced the house well.
2.) Long time owner took good care of the house.
3.) C did his work and prepared himself financially for the purchase.
4.) Both C and the seller were willing to negotiate and make a win win deal happen.

Is it only the price that makes a good offer? No, sellers look at your deposit, possession date, terms and conditions, and the price.

Do you have to write a clean offer these days? No, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I advise my buyers to put in their conditions unless it is unwise to do so.

C, I am happy for you, this house will serve you well for many years.

For the rest of you, connect with me, I’m the best Realtor and I will take care of you with your residential real estate needs. Contact me, David Fouad, your knowledgeable Winnipeg Realtor 204-228-0588

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My new lockboxes.

I have upgraded my key lockbox system to a more dependable and secure machine.

When you sell your house with me I use a lockbox machine to safely secure your entrance key(s). I mount the machine on your door or some other immovable fixture. When your house peaks the interest of a buying Realtor’s buyers, I receive their showing request instantly on my iPhone. I then confirm that day and time of the showing with you the seller/vendor and then confirm back with that buying Realtor. Easy peasy.

I’m now using machines built by SentriLock out of the USA. I can now access them via my iPhone using bluetooth. I also have a larger key compartment so my vendors can include several keys and also the larger condo entrance keys. When selling a house you can now include keys for garages, outbuildings, and the house allowing your interested buyers to see all that your house has to offer. They sport full weatherproofing for our subzero winters and multi-year battery life. Last thing I want is denied access because of technical failure.

As the owner of the machines I can access data pertaining to requests that include the Realtors’ names and contact information and day and time of access. I have set up my machines to send me a text to my iPhone as soon as a Realtor has accessed the machine for the purpose of showing your house on the confirmed showing day and time. Only licensed registered Realtors have access to the machines. With this new machine there are several layers of security.

Security of your house is the most important part of my job. Having the best technology in my real estate practice keeps me on top shelf for my clients. I am the only point of contact in your real estate experience. You talk directly with me, you are not handed off to someone else. Doing this allows for me to having greater control and responsibility over my work. It allows for me to give you the most attention, the best advice, and service.

Contact me, David Fouad your knowledgeable Winnipeg Realtor at 204-228-0588.



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Endorsement from Matthew and Kara.

Thank you so much for helping us in this process of finding a home. We appreciate the time you have taken to answer our many questions as well as the visiting done along with way. In a way we are sad that our official time with you is over and we hope to keep in touch.

Thanks again,
Matthew and Kara.

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