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This category comprises all properties fetched from CREA Listings

53 Albina Way SOLD! My buyer bought his first revenue property.

Congratulations to B on the purchase of your first revenue property, 53 Albina Way! I have been talking about Tyndall Park, The Maples, and Weston for a while now, I think these areas are good long term plays when done right. This house is a bungalow side by side and it has a double garage. I was able to get a great deal for my client. Seller had a $245k ask and I negotiated a sale price of $233k. That’s 5%, I saved him a respectful $12,000.00. I studied the data, the data is the result of market behaviour. Without the leverage of solid data, it is difficult to have any success with negotiating a fair price. This house has many good ingredients, a good roof, windows, HVAC, and a big garage. House is solid and was well cared for by the previous owner. My client took my advice and had a home inspection done. My client now is a proud owner of a great house that will serve him for many decades.

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110-1305 Grant Avenue SOLD in 49 days flat!

Congratulations to T on the sale of your condo unit! I sold this condo unit within 2.8% of the ask price. Keep in mind that this wasn’t my vendor’s first attempt at selling. In July of 2016 I had it listed for more money and the market was not having anything to do with it. The ask price was far too high and because of my vendor’s life situation it made sense to take it off the market, give it some time, and regroup. Things started to turn around for my vendor and this spring we put the condo unit back up on the market with a more appropriate ask price and my vendor won and did very well. Sometimes life throws us curveballs and it’s important in those times to reassess things and regroup. My vendor took my advice in order to ensure that the other areas of life were dealt with and sorted out. Because those things were done, my vendor has had more success in the end. Numbers need to work out in other areas too for real estate success to happen. I ensure that the entire financial picture is in sight before my clients take any sort of plunge. Process for my vendor was smooth and easy and I got my vendor good results; a big win in the end.

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302-91 Swindon Way SOLD in 40 days flat!

Congratulations to M on the sale of your condo unit! This unit has plenty to offer and clearly the buyer saw this and made a move. This property is a example of what can be done as an alternative to living in a stand alone house without giving up on many of the amenities and space. I sold this condo unit in 40 days flat. 6 months on the market today is normal and I beat that big time. I advised my client on things to do to the condo unit prior to listing and I marketed and advertised this condo unit like no other in my industry. I look for the whitespace and I do the work; I see the opportunity where others don’t.


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7 Valence Avenue SOLD! Here’s the story.


I sold 7 Valence Avenue in 17 days. I was able to successfully sell the house because I attracted many buyers through buyer Realtors. I had about 2 showings per day for all 17 days; above average volume. I didn’t do any open houses or any other antiquated marketing methods. What I do is hustle and work hard to sell the house effectively. I focused on the people who came to the house and convinced others to come see the house. I worked on qualified motivated buyers. I worked with my network and social ecosystem in order to share the story of this great house and why someone should buy and own it. Though my seller needed to sell now and couldn’t delay selling until the prime selling season of February to April, I worked hard with the seller to put the house up on the market immediately. We avoided the bad cold weather and that saved us from the average buyer slowdown of the snow and cold weather.

Do you want to succeed with selling your house? Do you know the importance of the seasons and how they can affect your bottom line? Connect with me at, 204-228-0588.

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