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David Fouad Winnipeg Realtor®/Broker/Owner DCF Real Estate Inc. Posts

Restraining orders in real estate episode DREAA20 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR® 09/22/18

In this episode I share with you two stories of people I’ve helped sell their properties whilst having restraining orders against someone. This is a topic that I find is not discussed enough. Many times people want to move because of bad experiences and or bad memories in their home…

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House maintenance basics. BNI presentation episode – DREAA019 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR® 09/6/18

In this episode you will hear the presentation that I gave to my BNI Aspire chapter fellow members. House maintenance is important part of successful and happy home ownership. Tips and advice I give are helpful to any home owner and good training for potential home owners. I recorded this…

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Why I have life insurance episode – DREAA016 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR® 08/28/18

In this episode I give you my thoughts as to why it’s important for most people to have life insurance and even critical illness insurance. I tell you about my own life and situation and why I have life insurance for my family along with critical illness insurance. What I…

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God made a REALTOR® 07/21/18 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR® DFREAA017

And on the 8th day, God made a REALTOR®. Read by Paul Harvey. Music:  None YouTube: About David: I’m a real estate businessman. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real estate license to trade real estate in Manitoba. I’m a licensed REALTOR® /…

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DAVID ON THE DAILY 51 DAVID ON THE DAILY 51 Intuition and taking ownership for decisions rant episode – DFREAA015

In this episode I give you my opinion on why I always listen and act on what my guts/intuition are telling me, in my personal and business lives. I talk about why I believe people need to take and have ownership of their own decisions and how easy it is…

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