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115 Seaside Avenue SOLD! My buyers avoided buying a lemon.


Congratulations to T and M on the purchase of your house, 115 Seaside Avenue in Waterside Estates in Transcona.

My buyers were previously interested in a flipped house in Charleswood and we were going to write an offer on that one. That Charleswood house was 1,000 sq ft and 500 sq smaller that this Waterside Esatates one. I did some digging around and I found out that the Charleswood house had a major basement foundation problem with big heaving cracks on all of the walls. I found so many problems and issues that are so bad I don’t feel comfortable sharing with you here on my blog. That house was purchased 6 months ago for $255k and the flipper did his magic and put a price tag on it for $359k. The city has it assessed at $239k. Someone ended up buying it with the help of the listing realtor for $354k. I think that was a bad move and here’s some pictures of the work that was done. I believe many corners were cut on the foundation repair. I also think that the buyer paid too much for that house and the property taxes will likely increase significantly because of this purchase price. You can see why my clients loved this Charleswood house, it was cosmetically beautiful.

In this above photo you can see what my buyers saw. The stripped basement photos are clearly the ones taken before the repairs. None of those photos were made available to people, though, I was able to acquire them.

My clients are so happy with their house that they bought in Waterside Eatates. It’s 40 years younger, 500 sq ft bigger, and it’s located on a quiet private street close to a school for their kid. They are thankful that they avoided buying that Charleswood lemon. They even saved significant money buying the Waterside Estate house. My buyers’ patience and trust in my judge paid off big time.

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