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A River Park South house, BOUGHT.

Congratulations to M, J, and C on the purchase of your very first house in Canada, 19 Kilburn Place!

This was a journey for my clients that they will never forget. They learned plenty and had fun doing it.

This house didn’t have a set offer date put on by the vendor and listing Realtor. There were four offers that day and my clients won and got the house. You need to know that their offer had a condition of financing of 5 days and I was still able to move their deal up to the top of the heap. Don’t believe the things you hear from non experts about conditions being bad in negotiations. Now my people have the peace of mind knowing that their mortgage has been fully approved and that security is key to the home buying experience with myself. They wrote 3 offers on other houses that didn’t work out for them in the end thanks to my advice. Who do you know that wants to cut out time wasting activities of trying to buy a house by themselves? I bet they are getting nowhere fast, am I right? It doesn’t cost anything working with me to buy a house for you or someone you know. I am David Fouad, your knowledgeable Winnipeg Realtor. Connect with me at 204-228-0588 or email