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29 Erinie Webb Bay in Stonewall MB SOLD! My buyers did their homework and won.

Congratulations to A and A on the purchase of your first house, 29 Ernie Webb Bay!

This was what seemed like an intense house buying journey for my buyers yet very normal in my world. We looked at plenty of houses throughout a lot of the surrounding Winnipeg area. Stonewall Manitoba is a town that has already experienced some solid growth in the last 10 years. It is expected to continue to grow, forecasts are predicting a lot more growth. The council has approved the expansion of their lagoon and water treatment capacity in anticipation for this growth. Stonewall is a 20 minute drive north of Winnipeg from the perimeter. My buyers are happy that they found the house that works for them and meets their current and near future needs. It’s important to take the time to do the work of looking for a house and being patient that the right house will be found; they experienced that with me first hand. I negotiated a very good deal for them and they also took my advice with having a proper and thorough home inspection. This house is newer, still having the home inspection was invaluable. The inspector was able to show my buyers the specifics about the build quality, the maintenance of the house, and the expected life expectancy of all of the house components. We had a fun time during this journey.

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