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44 Blumm Crescent SOLD! After a long search, we found the right house.

Congratulations to S and L on the purchase of your first house, 44 Blumm Crescent! S and L are first time buyers clients of mine and we looked at plenty of houses, in search for the right one for them. Thanks to their patience and trust in me to guide and advise them along the way, they have bought this wonderful house also for a great price. I was able to create a win win deal for them. Winnipeg being a small city, I ended up knowing of the sellers from many years ago. With the little I remembered of the seller, I was still able to get my buyers to connect with the sellers on a personal level. My clients wrote a letter to the sellers speaking to their liking of their house, their desire to own it, and their future plans. That helped my buyers to establish a kindred connection and a basic trust with the sellers. This deal was competitive, there was an offer date and there was another set of buyers vying for the same house. In the end, we won, my buyers were also able to receive furniture from the sellers as a gift. On the day of possession my clients found this bottle of win, the garage door open, and a lovely hand written note welcoming them to their new home. This is an experience that my clients will never forget. When I help create win win deals, everyone leaves the table happy.

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