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472 St Anthony Avenue SOLD! My buyers did well.


Congratulations to O and M on the purchase of your first house, 472 St Anthony Avenue!

I showed them at total of 27 houses over a three week period. My preferred method for buyers works because it’s a proven method that I have created. I showed a big chunk of houses each day of showings; one day we viewed 13 houses. First impressions are bigger than most realize, it takes a matter of minutes, even seconds, to judge a house. After that we create an ‘A’ list and move those houses to the next day of showings. ‘A’ list contains the houses that they would like to see for the second time. Second showings are good because we see the houses that have passed to stage two and earned their attention to take a closer more critical look at the house. This ‘A’ list continued to compile and reduce as we moved along the house search journey. Some houses got a second viewing, and most didn’t make it to that stage.

My buyers bought this house because the location works for them on many levels. The size and layout that works for their unique needs and lifestyle. I negotiated with the listing realtor that my buyers have a home inspection and have time to finalize their mortgage financing using buyer conditions. They are now going in with eyes wide open and they know more about the house than probably even the current owner does. They received and took my advice and that helped earn them above average results. Don’t be fooled, this is a buyer’s market and we are entering into the strongest buyer season of the year. Contact me at, 204-228-0588.

This is the home inspector that I referred to my buyers, Steve Schroeder of GoldEye Home Inspection. In this photo he’s climbing up to inspect the house roof and shingles. As part of his inspection service offerings, my buyers had him complete a study of the health of the house using thermal/infrared technology.

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