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53 Albina Way SOLD! My buyer bought his first revenue property.

Congratulations to B on the purchase of your first revenue property, 53 Albina Way! I have been talking about Tyndall Park, The Maples, and Weston for a while now, I think these areas are good long term plays when done right. This house is a bungalow side by side and it has a double garage. I was able to get a great deal for my client. Seller had a $245k ask and I negotiated a sale price of $233k. That’s 5%, I saved him a respectful $12,000.00. I studied the data, the data is the result of market behaviour. Without the leverage of solid data, it is difficult to have any success with negotiating a fair price. This house has many good ingredients, a good roof, windows, HVAC, and a big garage. House is solid and was well cared for by the previous owner. My client took my advice and had a home inspection done. My client now is a proud owner of a great house that will serve him for many decades.

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