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Charleswood house, BOUGHT.


Congratulations to C on the purchase of your first house, in Charleswood.

My friend C bought this fabulous Charleswood bungalow and his deal is now final and his conditions have been satisfied. His move-in countdown has begun. He has good ingredients going into his new house:
1.) Listing Realtor priced the house well.
2.) Long time owner took good care of the house.
3.) C did his work and prepared himself financially for the purchase.
4.) Both C and the seller were willing to negotiate and make a win win deal happen.

Is it only the price that makes a good offer? No, sellers look at your deposit, possession date, terms and conditions, and the price.

Do you have to write a clean offer these days? No, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I advise my buyers to put in their conditions unless it is unwise to do so.

C, I am happy for you, this house will serve you well for many years.

For the rest of you, connect with me, I’m the best Realtor and I will take care of you with your residential real estate needs. Contact me, David Fouad, your knowledgeable Winnipeg Realtor 204-228-0588