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7 Valence Avenue SOLD! Here’s the story.


I sold 7 Valence Avenue in 17 days. I was able to successfully sell the house because I attracted many buyers through buyer Realtors. I had about 2 showings per day for all 17 days; above average volume. I didn’t do any open houses or any other antiquated marketing methods. What I do is hustle and work hard to sell the house effectively. I focused on the people who came to the house and convinced others to come see the house. I worked on qualified motivated buyers. I worked with my network and social ecosystem in order to share the story of this great house and why someone should buy and own it. Though my seller needed to sell now and couldn’t delay selling until the prime selling season of February to April, I worked hard with the seller to put the house up on the market immediately. We avoided the bad cold weather and that saved us from the average buyer slowdown of the snow and cold weather.

Do you want to succeed with selling your house? Do you know the importance of the seasons and how they can affect your bottom line? Connect with me at, 204-228-0588.

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