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A way to save money to buy a house.

I heard an ad on Spotify for Toyota Tundra lease for $122 per week ($122*52 weeks)/12 months = $529/month before fees and taxes. You don’t even own it, so truthfully at the end of the term you still wouldn’t have an asset. That means that a fully financed vehicle would be in the above example, would be over $1,000/mo all day long. What irks me about this ad is that it’s misleading especially inexperienced young people with the easy peasy sounding $122/week and then after they leave the dealership they realize that they didn’t get the deal they thought when they first heard the ad. Toyota went on to say that resale value of their vehicles is the highest, it’s true, unfortunately that’s not the main message they are conveying. What I do is take the cashflow of whatever a loan is and invest in stocks and real estate. Over the years, I became so happy with my results that I didn’t need to buy fancy cars because the money was doing so well. I revised this post because I realized my message wasn’t clear enough. Put $500/month away and your book value is $6,000 in a year, play with the numbers and wow you can become a good saver and investor in little time.