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Record your property work.

In this video I talk about the importance and simplicity of recording your property work that you complete using your phone by taking photos and videos. Storage is cheap and easy to use and you will never go wrong saving information on the process of your work not just the…

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Do what you’re best at episode – DFREAA27 04/13/2019 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR®

(Recorded in April) In this video I talk about a key thing I learned from my interview with my favourite real estate lawyer Ken Davie. Do what you do the very best and only do that in your business. You can reach Ken at: 204-478-1677 Music: “Off The Grid”…

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Two reasons sellers like offer dates episode – DFREAA28 07/29/2019 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR®

In this video I talk about a two reasons why sellers and listing realtors tend to like offer dates. They can be controversial and here’s why, watch the video. About David: I’m a real estate businessman. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real…

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Mortgage rates secrets from a past banker, me. DFREAA26 03/22/2019 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR®

I recorded this video a while back and didn’t post it on my YouTube channel till now. I share with you the mortgage bank rates secrets from my many years working at the bank. I show you how your banking relationship can save you lots of money. I also explain…

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