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Congratulations to the Canadian Cancer Society transportation service volunteers.

I have been driving with the Cancer Care Society transportation service team for a year now. I found out about it through my freemason lodge and I’m glad I became involved. I drive for a full day at a time and I give my time and attention fully to the patients that I drive. My flexibility allows for this and it keeps me grounded and engaged with those who are fighting this awful disease. We all know of someone who lost the fight against cancer. Many of us are fortunate to know those who won the battle. I am reminded continually how grateful I need to be for my good health.

Below is a photo of some of the key players and drivers involved in the program and they were given the award by our mayor Brian Bowman.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.00.20 AM

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  1. David Fouad

    Thank you Nancy for your kind words and thoughts.

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