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I am a 2015 BNI Manitoba award winner. What does this all mean for you?

I am part of BNI Manitoba, Business Network International. We have thousands of shareholders all over the world and in Canada we pass around millions of dollars in referral business to each other.

Five years ago I decided that I will no longer market my business the same as other businesses and especially other realtors. I do not print flyers to mail out to strangers, I do not use bus bench advertising, nor do I even put my picture on my for sale signs. When I was kid walking to school, my friends and I used to draw horns and moustaches on realtor’s faces on bus benches, it was way too easy!

Promoting myself through non focused methods does not yield solid results for my clients, nor does it attract the clients I want in my business. I run my business focused primarily on word of mouth/referral mediums. If someone can tell someone else how great I was at helping them, that truly is the best kind of business marketing I can create. Think of it, how much of your consumer purchases are largely based on online reviews and opinions, perhaps even YouTube videos? Same thing in my world, it’s about what people say about me and my business that really counts.

This is a picture of three awards that I earned at the BNI Manitoba Gala for the 2015 year a few weeks ago. Most Motivated award, that was given to me because I was voted by my fellow chapter shareholders accordingly. In Winnipeg we have 11 chapters and I was awarded Vice President of the year of my chapter for the entire province. Top Gun award was awarded to me for my results; the numbers. That award was for my own chapter, referral business that I gave to my fellow chapter shareholders in their own businesses. Let me be clear, it was for the business that I GAVE to my fellow shareholders/members not what I gained or earned for my own business. It has nothing to do with what I received in business in the form of referrals, again what I gave to others. BNI philosophy is “givers gain. “When you give you will receive back.”

What does this all mean to you as an end user of my services? It means that I’m connected, I get the results, and I can solve problems quickly and effectively. If I can connect you with someone who can provide you with the help and or services you need in another area of life or business or heck, in real estate, that is better for you. Wouldn’t you rather receive a recommendation from someone you already trust like myself to say a quality painter to paint your house or an HVAC person to repair/service your furnace? Word of mouth is the best thing for the business provider and ultimately you, the end user!

Contact myself at 204-228-0588,