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My interaction with a flipper; didn’t go far.

I have an ad that I have placed advertising my real estate services to the public. I received an email from an enthusiastic flipper with not a lot of real estate experience. Here is the email I received,


I then googled the phone number that was included in the email and I found this ad. I then asked that person if this was their ad that they placed. With that I was able to gauge where this person was coming from and how they would like to conduct business if any. Here is the ad that I found that the flipper posted,


After having digested all of the information, I replied to the flipper one final time,


It is very simple, flippers are short term minded and want quick results with the least amount of effort and money. Investors use their own money and are focused on a long term horizon. Investors do not care much about cashflow and capital gains. Investors want instead long term capital appreciation which occurs over decades of holding and managing real estate, that’s it, that simple.