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New does not make it better.

New house builders are not building houses the way that they used to be built. I want to talk about the ground. Most builders are not paying any attention to the dirt before starting their build and I want to address this now.

In Winnipeg and most of Manitoba we have a clay dirt that is great for agriculture and a challenge to say the least for house foundations. Over the last hundred years the methods and materials have advanced nicely. My concern is the lack of prep work and disregard for water during the construction of houses. Preparing the dirt for the dig of the foundation starts with packing. Recently I showed a spec house built by a popular Winnipeg house builder in Bridge Water Forest. Without mentioning the name of this builder, let me say that my Broker fired and tossed out this builder’s flagship sales team because of bad work and numerous justified client complaints.

This house that I showed is priced closer to the half a million price tag. The construction shows lack quality in my professional opinion. A few builders in the city have moved to a pile foundation construction versus a footings model. Piles allow for greater margin of error in the soil condition department hence my point earlier about the lack of dirt preparation. Since that step is now being skipped, I’m seeing foundations being constructed with huge water concentration and zero land grading at the very beginning. This house was built from top to bottom with essentially what can be seen as a lake of water. Though this house was built on piles, which is the preferred method from an engineering standpoint; the water damage is not reversible.

You can see that the furnace is suspended and the floor has not been poured. Floor is not structural and they will put in a sump pump system at the end of the construction. I do know of someone who built with the aforementioned builder 5 years ago and today is dealing with a buckled heaved basement floor and now has to rebuild their finished basement. None of this damage is covered by his house insurance, MB Builders Association warranty, and the builder’s proprietary warranty.

Does this builder take their buyers for fools? Where does all that moisture go? Right into the house, that’s where it is absorbed. Over time the houses will decay and breakdown at an expedited rate. Water is the number one enemy of a house. Builders need to look back 100 years and ask, can we build houses that will stand the test of time like the old ones? My advice is simple, bring me in, let me work with your home building or spec new house buying journey. I know far more than the average run of the mill Realtor. I have helped many of my life time clients win and get a solid new house for the best money. Remember, newer does not automatically mean better.

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These next two photos are of the basement of the property.



This is the neighbour’s lot. According to this builder that lot is ready for the foundation dig. Do you see what I’m getting at? Don’t be had, connect with me, avoid a potential disaster.