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David Fouad your knowledgeable Winnipeg REALTOR® / Broker / Owner DCF Real Estate Inc. Posts

Ice damming. (photo)

I was at the hardware store this morning and I noticed this ice damming on the roof line. This occurs when the heat from inside meets with the cold on the outside and voila, ice forms. Over time this ice builds up and the weight of the ice itself stresses…

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Your big news. (video)

Script: Your big news. December 22 2015. Buying and selling your property is a big deal in your own family and social life. Something that I sometimes see are hiccups along the way and that’s normal in the housing world. It is important for you to know when it’s safe…

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What you need to know about mortgages

Mortgages are offered by financial companies that are approved by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Before each mortgage application is approved, it is required to undergo a standard due diligence process. This is intended to determine the risk of the borrower and the property. There is no guarantee that…

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