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Real estate flipping truths episode – DFREAA002

This Real Estate Flipping Truths episode of the David Fouad Real Estate Audio Adventure that I made.

I explain in depth the math behind property flipping and I share with you a real story of a local flip in which the ad was misleading. When you see the math and how most flippers, flipping coaches, and flipping clubs operate, you can see how long term investing is far superior. Many young people and rookies are suckered into the fanciness of the image of these clubs and the people and most drink the kool aid and end up not winning. Remember, cashflow and capital gains are not king in real estate investing, long term capital appreciation is. Flipping and investing are not synonymous words. Investors like myself use our own money and work hard for the long term capital appreciation. Be careful around flippers, they often sling phrases like, “don’t use your own money,” “use other people’s money,” or even worse, “no money down needed.” At the beginning of this video I share with you my first impressions with the Apple AirPods and video recording using the Movie Pro app in order to be able to record video using the AirPods as the audio source since the Apple iPhone native camera app does not offer this feature.

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00:00 Apple AirPods, iPhone X, and Movie Pro Apple iPhone video app.

01:14 My new Podcast show: David Fouad Real Estate Audio Adventure.

02.13 Real estate flipping math, real story and real numbers.

7:33 My opinion and flipping rant. How to properly invest in long term real estate, my way.

“Play it Sam” Johnny Rock

About David:

I’m a real estate businessman. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real estate license to trade real estate in Manitoba. I’m a licensed REALTOR® and I help people buy and sell real estate (houses and condos). My main area of practice is in Greater Winnipeg.