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Should you have live-in parents or in-laws? What are the benefits? episode – DFREAA003

In today’s world of people wanting to have it all, most families operate as a dual income household. Because of this more big living, high demand lifestyle, people are opting to pay for their kids to be in full time childcare and at a hefty price. Should you have your parents or in-laws live with you? Should you buy a property to include both sets of families? Why should you consider this idea of living together? I tackle these questions in this podcast and make the case for having live-in parents or in-laws for the right people in the right situations.

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About David:

I’m a real estate businessman. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real estate license to trade real estate in Manitoba. I’m a licensed REALTOR® and I help people buy and sell real estate (houses and condos). My main area of practice is in Greater Winnipeg.

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