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The Big Short, a must see.

The Big Short

I saw this film with my wife this weekend and I was pleasantly impressed. In short, yes pun intended, this film explains in layman’s terms what went down in 2008. Our world’s economy was rattled in a big way, it all started with the home owners and their mortgages. It was entertaining and sobering at the same time. Film takes you on a true life journey of three different sets of people and how they saw what was coming and made a move to make it big. Corruption and greed go hand in hand when big dollars are at stake. That was clearly was a relationship that was ever so real in the 2008 economic meltdown. Over $16 trillion dollars were lost, $7M people lost their houses, and 8M people lost their jobs.

At that time I was working for a fortune 500 bank and it all happened so fast. Thankfully in Canada we have the very best central bank and consumer banking systems in the world. Without proper regulations and policing of powers that be, disaster is always imminent.

I give this film two thumbs up and I’m telling you, go see it!

Here’s the trailer.

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