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Why don’t I see your for sale signs? 07/19/18 David Fouad Winnipeg REALTOR® DFREAA016

In this episode I give you my thoughts as to why you may not be seeing a lot or any of my for sale signs out there in the city when you are out and about. Any realtor’s signs for that matter apply to this video. I explain the other forms of outdoor brand advertising that may be clouding your impression of the level of success and realtor market share because of other forms of advertising. I explain how advertising is not available only for the successful ones. I also tell you why I think it’s stupid for realtors to put their faces on their signs. I recorded this audio and video with my iPhone X and my Apple AirPods.

“Look At Me Go” Bazanji


About David:

I’m a real estate businessman. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real estate license to trade real estate in Manitoba. I’m a licensed REALTOR® / Broker / Owner of my own brokerage DCF Real Estate Inc. I help people buy and sell real estate (houses and condo units). My main area of practice is in Greater Winnipeg.

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