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Your big news. (video)


Your big news. December 22 2015.

Buying and selling your property is a big deal in your own family and social life.

Something that I sometimes see are hiccups along the way and that’s normal in the housing world.

It is important for you to know when it’s safe to make an official announcement to your world that hey, we bought a new house or sold our old house.

Social media is one place that many post this sort of news.

My advice is to hold off making these announcements until after your sale is final. What I mean is, that any conditions on the offer to purchase on the house must be satisfied. You need the signed condition satisfaction, that tells you, it’s all good, you can now breathe!

I’m sharing this with you so that you can avoid any possible embarrassment of having to retract a statement made to your world. No one likes to hear negative news and it’s best for your well being to avoid having to do those things.

When it doubt, do what my most recent vendors did. They asked me, are we good now to share the good news?

That is your Fouad for thought.

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